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Employees, owners, trainees, temporary workers

  • We set a high value on a good working climate and a fair and respectful dealing with each other.
  • We support the ongoing training and further training of all team members.
  • We treat the entrusted products, objects and installations with great care.
  • We are gladly training and promoting the upcoming young talents in the gastronomy.
  • In our decisions, we plan and think in the long term for the benefit of the company structure.
  • We are aware that the membership of the organization does not end with end of the work day and also represent the company in our free time.
  • We try to save costs without sacrificing the comfort and reducing the results.

The objectives and values

  • Our working hours should largely match with professional, family, free time and the individual needs.
  • We want to preserve our individuality and do not belong to a group or association with standard specifications.
  • We generate profits to keep the company financially independent, secure jobs and provide investments.

One wish

We want our keep focused on the protection of the environment, renewable energy, waste prevention, recyclable packaging materials and the procerement of regional raw materials.